its leaders certain that the best course of action was to turn inward and.

If that's the case, you best course of action is to call me directly.

org. the recommended course of action.

best choice.

proper action.

The meaning of CAUSE OF ACTION is the grounds (such as violation of a right) that entitle a plaintiff to bring a suit. sentences. .

right step.

pondering the pros and cons. sentences. 2) Prevention is our best course of action ! 3) Prevention is still our best course of action.

use course of action in a sentence 16) The partners might disagree about policies or courses of action. .

very good idea.

to act in order to avoid danger or an unpleasant situation The pilot had to take evasive action to avoid a mid-air collision.

sentences. .

very good idea. .

right step.

The chair of the COVID inquiry demands the former PM's unredacted messages from the Cabinet Office, while the current incumbent of Downing Street faces attacks from opposition MPs over migration.


17) The best course of action is exactly what he took. Los Angeles Times. .

course of action - Synonyms, related words and examples | Cambridge English Thesaurus. Definitions. exact ( 3 ) One remedial course of action was to bring the media operations of Stronger In and No 10 closer together. If you indicate that a remedial course of action might be possible – which could include an apology or correction, promising a change to the online article, or. We have decided on this course of action for one reason alone.

When the division of labour has been established, each member of the society must have recourse to the others for the supply of most of his wants; a medium of exchange is thus found to be necessary, and money comes into use.

3. Any other course of action would be politically unacceptable.

best choice.

being such in practice or effect : virtual.


Course of action in a sentence 1.

Our course of action is straight as an arrow.