Note that the rule supports defining different methods of connection for thruhole pads, SMD pads, and vias, if required.

Relief Connect - A spoke-style connection is created.

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and i dont know which are the drill files to send? 9.

You can have a look at the design rules under the polygon connect and set thermal relief to the rule.

Fig. Dec 12, 2022 · This release brings you greater control over the way in which pads and vias connect to a polygon pour. Hi, Which of the following are NC drill files to send off for manufacture? The camtastic files seem to be the gerbers? I clicked for "gerbers" and "NC drill" files, but it shovelled a load of files into the folder.

Connect Style – defines the style of the connection from a pin of a component, targeted by the scope of the rule, to a polygon plane.

Hi All, I have recently moved from Protel 99SE to Altium Winter 09. Apr 30, 2009 · However, when you pour the polygon, you can specify whether you want the polygon to direct connect, or thermal connect to the polygon. When you change it to "Direct" style and repour the polygon then the vias will be fixed.

Learn how in this video, as well as how to customize the thermal. Design->Rules->Plane->Polygon Connect Style->Polygon Connect (default style on mine).

But having a hard time finding it.


. Make sure that the priorities are set so that this rule overrides the default.

Simple - this mode is the generic setting for how pads/vias connect to a polygon pour, as pour over the top and bottom layers.

Advantageous hints, tricks and uniform ways off doing things into build using Altium Designer easier.

I have an issue when doing a polygon pour over the top and bottom layers.

Define the Number of conductors, the Angle of these conductors (90º or 45º), Conductor Width, and the Air Gap Width (the clearance between the edge of the pad and the edge of the polygon surrounding the pad).

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Default constraints for the Polygon Connect Style rule. . . . No Connect - do not connect a component pin to the polygon plane. The polygon pour will connect to each pad and via on this net that is found within the outline of the polygon, in accordance with the applicable Polygon Connect Style design rule.

When working with plane or polygon rules, you can set simple or advanced rules for plane/polygon connections by choosing either Simple or Advanced in the Constraints.

Re: Stupid Altium question. Direct Connect - connect using solid copper to the pin.

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Oct 4, 2021 · Like pads, vias automatically connect to an internal power plane layer of the same net name.

You can have a look at the design rules under the polygon connect and set thermal relief to the rule.

Alternatively you might be able to us an InComponent AND InNet rule or something to get the pad you want.