. Overburdening Easements: William L.

Curtis, Reviving the Lost Grant, 23 REAL PROP.

amended cross-complaint seeking declaratory relief as to whether his recorded easement had been extinguished or terminated and also damages and injunctive relief because.

cases concerning use by the easement owner in excess of the authorized use. . .


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887. ie: the easement is being given up.


To overburden an easement means to use it "for a purpose different from that intended in the creation of the easement ," Taylor v.

There are eight ways to terminate an easement: abandonment, merger, end of necessity, demolition, recording act, condemnation, adverse possession, and release. .

. Easements can be created in California in a variety of ways: by written agreement, by implication, by necessity, by equity, and, also, by prescription — adverse, notorious, open, and continuous use without the permission of the landowner for a five year period.


The CDFW Owned and Operated Lands and Conservation Easements dataset is a subset of the CDFW Lands dataset.


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Easement in Gross; Assignability.

You need to take all of the documentation to a real estate lawyer, and discuss your rights and options.